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The WHO Action Plan for Oral Health – How Can the EADPH Contribute?

Sep 8, 2022


Salle Macabies


Final Programme @ 28 June 2022

EADPH Workshop in Montpellier on the Morning of Thursday, 8 September 2022


Title : The WHO Action Plan for Oral Health – How Can the EADPH Contribute ?

Aims : To explore how the EADPH and its members can contribute to the WHO Action Plan for Oral Health

Objectives : To remind attendees of the aims of the WHO Action Plan for oral health and to consider how national actions in response to COVID-19, in particular interprofessional working, may help to facilitate the Action Plan

Learning Outcomes : Attendees will have a clear understanding of the aims of the WHO Action Plan for Oral Health and its policy implications, together with an appreciation of how the experience of interprofessional working gained from the COVID-19 pandemic may help in the implementation of the WHO Action Plan for Oral Health. They will also have an understanding of how EADPH can support the WHO Action Plan and contribute to its implementation.

Workshop Chair Huda Yusuf


9. 00 a.m. Welcome and introduction to the workshop (Paula Vassallo and Kenneth Eaton)
9.10 a.m. Overview of the WHO Action Plan of Oral Health – Paul Boom*
9. 20 a.m. Implications for health care policy makers and planners – Habib Benzian
9. 40 a.m. Considerations in the Light of National Actions in Response to COVID-19


United Kingdom : Huda Yusuf
Malta : Paula Vassallo
Ireland : Dympna Kavanagh*
Romania : Roxana Oancea
Greece : Aristomedis Syngelakis*


10.30 a.m. Questions for Small Groups to Answer (Kenneth Eaton)
10.40 a.m. Collect tea/coffee and go to 4 small groups ( Facilitators: George Tsakos, Stephanie Tubert, Dympna Kavanagh, One Other)
11.30 a.m. Plenary with reports from small groups.
11.50 a.m. Summary (Paula Vassallo)
11.55 a.m. Closing remarks from Irina Chivu-Garip
12.00 . Close of workshop


This workshop is supported by Colgate and will be audio recorded. Its proceedings will be published in Community Dental Health.


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